People’s Trumpet Project 2018-19

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This body of work is the product of a learning process with Taring Padi volunteers, responding to the current social and political situation in Indonesia, especially the 2019 elections. We are conscious that a critical approach is required in order to realise the aspiration of a just and prosperous society. Political education for all, and the demands of the ordinary people are the major themes of this work, although we went on to break this down into issues of corruption, tolerance, the environment and human rights.

The People’s Trumpet 2018 works are woodblock prints on circular format paper with a 58cm diameter. The 22 works in the series have all been crafted by hand in a cooperative between the artists.

The process of dissemination of the People’s Trumpet involved not only exhibiting them in galleries around Indonesia and the world, but also as paste-ups on walls in Jogja, Blora, and Malang. We plan to print these works as a book or zine in order that they can be more widely distributed. We also plan to document the works in film in the near future.

Taring Padi’s artworks are a contribution towards igniting inspiration for people to work for the well being of humanity and to safeguard the environment.

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