Afterwork exhibition at Para Site Hong Kong

Afterwork is a major group exhibition held from March 19 – May 29, 2016 exploring issues of class, race, labor, and migration in Hong Kong, its surrounding region, and beyond. It is part of  gallery Para Site’s ongoing Hong Kong’s Migrant Domestic Workers Project, a long-term initiative aimed at engaging the domestic worker community through collaboratively […]

Collaboration against the Batang Coal Power Plant

A 2000 mega watt capacity Coal Power Plant is planned for development in Batang, Java, Indonesia. Claimed to be the biggest in South Asia, this power plant will threaten productive rice fields and seas rich in fish and coral reefs that are the source of livelihoods for famers and fishermen in Batang. The 5 villages that […]

Taring Padi 2014 Election Street Art Film

A short film about Taring Padi’s woodcut poster street art for the 2014 Indonesian national elections.

2009 Election Posters

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In 2009 Taring Padi produced a series of woodcut posters for the national Indonesian elections to promote debate, question and advocate on election related issues. These posters were distributed and pasted on walls in towns all over Indonesia through Taring Padi’s networks. This is the collection of these posters and documentation of the printing process and […]

Stamping Yogyakarta

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Stamping Yogyakarta

Students from the Stamp School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan head to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to work with traditional and contemporary Javanese artists, including Taring Padi.  The trip is led by Stamps School lecturers Charlie Michaels and Emilia Javanica-White. Taring Padi is excited about this collaboration.  Stay tuned for updates.  You can […]

Taring Padi in Thailand

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Taring Padi in Thailand

Taring Padi from 31century on Vimeo. Taring Padi members explain about their art and collective while at Under, After, and In Between in Thailand.